I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Education at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. My research focuses on the relationship between schools, the law, and education policy. In particular, I’m interested in both the historical development, modern use, and on-going effects of the metrics we use to describe and evaluate our schools. Whether it’s student grades, standardized test scores, or measures of effective teaching metrics are embedded everywhere in our school system. My work asks: where did these numbers come from? How did they become central to the operation of schools? And what effects have they had for how we think about what schools can and should do?


Thrilled to have been awarded a Post Doctoral Fellowship from the National Academy of Education and Spencer Foundation.  For the doctoral students and young scholars out there, it was the fourth time that was the charm for me (twice as a dissertation finalist; twice as a post-doc finalist). So keep applying!

Check out my new co-edited volume Absent from School: Understanding and Addressing Student Absenteeism (Harvard Education Press, 2019).  At a time when a majority of states are trying to figure out how to implement ‘chronic absenteeism’ as a new school accountability measure, this book provides a useful overview of key measurement issues, policy questions, and intervention strategies.

Contact information

Email: ehutt@unc.edu
Twitter: @ehutt1
Mailing Address: Peabody Hall, Suite 201, Chapel Hill, NC 27599