My mother-in-law tells me that the Mt. Everest of every academic’s career is being interviewed on NPR. While Terry Gross hasn’t called (yet), I have had the chance to talk about my work and to comment on a variety of developments in education history, policy, and law with a range of delightfully sharp journalists. Some of these stories, interviews, and podcasts can be found below.

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“A Constitutional Right to Literacy for Detroit’s Kids?” (Op Ed) New York Times (April 26, 2020), 

“When America’s Schools Shut Down, We All Lose” Education Week (March 23, 2020).

“Episode 82: Milton Friedman’s day in court” Have You Heard Podcast (February 6, 2020).

“Homeschooling: Questioning authority, liberty, and democracy in education” WUNC: The State of Things (October 29, 2019).

“Episode 107: Pushing back against student absenteeism” Class Dismissed Podcast.

“Maryland’s new education formula is being hailed as a breakthrough. Is it too soon?” NPR/WAMU (June 14, 2019).

“At Least 465 truant students were kicked out of Indiana virtual schools under a law meant to keep them there” Chalk Beat (April, 12, 2019).

“Episode 2: History of the Student Record” For the Record: An AACRO Podcast (February, 18, 2019).

“Betsy DeVos is Fabricating History to Sell a Bad Education Policy” The New Republic (January 28, 2019).

“Why Competency-Based Education is Exciting and Where it may Stumble” KQED: MindShift (January, 14, 2019):

“An EDlection Showdown in Maryland: Could a ‘Blue Wave’ Unseat America’s Second-Most Popular Governor—and Reshape the State’s Education Priorities?” The 74 (August 6, 2018):

“Can Schools Commit Malpractice? It Depends” EducationNext (July 30, 2018):

“Causes and Consequences of Student Absenteeism: An Interview with Michael Gottfried and Ethan Hutt” EducationNC (June 21, 2018):

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